How to Receive A.S. Funding

We know the funding process can be confusing and at times frustrating. Look no further for information on how you can request funding for your events and programming needs here. We all deserve access to the student fees we pay into Associated Students.

Step 1: Become an Authorized Signer for your organization

Set up an appointment with a member of the Finance and Business Committee to go over the Associated Students Financial Policies and Procedures. To schedule an appointment with the Chair of the committee, Senator Roman, follow this link:

Once you complete this workshop, you will be emailed with the next steps to confirm your certification, which will be valid for the rest of the fiscal year.

Step 2: Planning your event and creating a budget

In order to receive funding, you will need to create a budget that follows the AS Financial Policies and Procedures. For tips on how to plan your event, and for access to a budget planning worksheet follow this link on the F&B website here:

Step 3: Submit a funding request

You can submit a funding request to any Associated Students BCU (Board, Commission, or Unit) who’s mission statement matches the intended purpose of your event. You can also submit a funding request to the Finance and Business as an OSL organization or as a BCU organization. If you would like to submit a funding request from the Black Women’s Health Collaborative, fill out our Funding Request Form, this page includes information on how our internal funding process works.

Step 4: Complete a Requisition Form

If your funding request is approved, you will need to submit a requisition form to access your money. As a non-profit 501c3 organization, Associated Students receives a yearly audit of all financial expenditures. Because of that, all receipts that you attach to a requisition form must be original and itemized. This year, requisition forms will be filled out online on the Associated Students website and then submitted to

Step 5: Use our logo on your promotional materials (or the organization you received funding from).

You can download it here.

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