Our Board

Find out more about our team, as well as how to contact us.

Ajah Whitehead (She/They)

Position: C0-Chair

Sign: Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon/Rising

Major: Global Studies

Minors: French, Poverty, Inequality and Social Justice

Contact me at ajahwhitehead@ucsb.edu

Halle Dawite (She/Her)

Position: Co-Chair

Sign: Sagittarius Sun/Moon, Capricorn Rising

Major: Sociology

Minor: Black Studies

Contact me at hdawite@ucsb.edu

Brenda Anusiem (She/Her)

Position: Finance Director

Sign: Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon/Rising

Major: Financial Math & Statistics

Minor: Black Studies

Contact me at brendaanusiem@ucsb.edu

Aijalon Warden (She/Her)

Position: Administrative Director

Sign: Aries Sun, Libra Rising, Capricorn Moon

Major: Statistics and Data Science

Contact me at awarden@ucsb.edu

Warsan Ali (She/Her)

Position: Internal Needs Advocate

Sign: Taurus Sun, Taurus Moon, Virgo Rising

Major: Biopsychology

Minor: Poverty, Inequality, and Social Justice

Contact me at warsan@ucsb.edu

Giana Grigsby (She/Her)

Position: External Needs Advocate

Sign: Gemini Sun/Moon, Aries Rising

Major: Political Science

Contact me at giana_grigsby@ucsb.edu

Teannae Owens (She/Her)

Position: Sex Positive Health Director

Sign: Sagittarius Sun, Libra Moon/Rising

Majors: Political Science & Environmental Studies

Contact me at teannaelucas@ucsb.edu

Skylar McCarty (She/Her)

Position: Black Queer & Trans Director

Sign: Scorpio Sun, Gemini Rising, Aquarius Moon

Major: Biopsychology

Minor: Applied Psychology

Contact me at smccarty@ucsb.edu

Celine Washington (She/Her)

Position: BCU Liaison

Sign: Leo Sun, Sagittarius Rising, Aries Moon

Major: Sociology

Contact me at celinejwashington@ucsb.edu

Abigail Boaitey (She/Her)

Position: Retention Co-Chair

Sign: Virgo Sun/Rising, Taurus Moon

Major: Political Science & History

Contact me at boaitey@ucsb.edu

Samhal Asfaw (She/Her)

Position: NSBE Liaison

Sign: Cancer Sun

Major: Chemistry

Contact me at samhalasfaw@ucsb.edu

Allinta Tadesse(She/They)

Position: EASA Liaison

Sign: Virgo Sun/Moon, Pisces Rising

Major: Chemistry

Contact me at atadesse@ucsb.edu