All of the wonderful individuals from our past, who helped make this organization.

Zion Solomon (They/Them)

Position: Founder & 2020-2021 Co-Chair

Sign: Gemini Sun/Rising, Taurus moon

Major: Religious Studies

Minor: History

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Suad Abdullahi (She/Her)

Position: Founder & 2020-2021 Co Chair

Sign: Scorpio Sun

Major: Black Studies & Political Science

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Destinee “Des” Goodman (She/Her)

Position: 2020-2021 Internal Needs Coordinator

Sign: Aries Sun, Cancer Rising/Moon

Major: Pharmacology

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Nicole Omwanghe (She/Her)

Position: 2020-2021 BCU Liaison

Sign: Aries Sun, Cancer Rising, Virgo Moon

Major: Sociology

Minor: Applied Psychology

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Tatiana Turner (She/Her)

Position: 2020-2021 Marketing and Social Media Director

Sign: Virgo Sun/Rising, Cancer Moon

Major: Communication

Minor: Black Studies

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